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To use Netflix on your device, you will have to log in with the provide username and password combination. The usernames and passwords are authentic and if by chance one doesn’t work, move along and use the next one.

Working Netflix Accounts, Email, Username, Passwords

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Dreamhost v/s Bluehost – Which Web Hosting is Worth Buying?

How does one choose between DreamHost and Bluehost? Creating a new website can be very exciting, right up until you have to choose the right web hosting provider. Just try doing a search for web hosting! It will generate heaps of hosting providers, all promising that they’re the best fit for you. How can this be possible? It’s just a tactic that’s widely used in the online world of marketing, and not just for web hosting.

In this article we’ll provide a detailed comparison between DreamHost vs Bluehost. Because I have actually used both providers I believe my comparison will be an honest and fair one.

WEB HOSTING WITH BLUEHOST has been providing web hosting services tBluehost Web Hosting, Bluehost Review, Bluehost Hosting Reviewo its clients for more than a decade. This reliable net host is recommended to individuals or companies who want to set up their websites and ensure that everything is working out well. Bluehost is serving more than a million websites and counting as of the moment. Bluehost boasts of its high customer service, quality equipment, up-time guarantees, administration tools, secure backup and a solid and honest business. With over a decade of host service and with a wide client base, Bluehost definitely has some of the best offerings for those who are contemplating on having web hosting. has some of the best add-on and features for WordPress hosting. It is also one of the pioneering companies to offer a wide selection of features for the clients. They have unlimited disk storage, unlimited hosting of domains, a drag and drop site builder, free domain names, privacy, web email solutions and so much more! With these features who would not want to have a net host service with them?

When it comes to support, Bluehost boasts of the best service for their clients and future clients. Many clients and personal reviews about this net host have a lot of good things to say about the quality of the host service of Bluehost. When it comes to the disk storage facet, some have mixed reviews most especially from existing clients regarding this aspect.

The introduction of the unlimited space sounds like great deal but some fear that this could cause some problems especially when there is a great deal of buzz with regards to this feature. The problem of server load is a concern to clients but there are no recent reports of server load problems experienced by clients.

When it comes to their terms of service and other confusing details from other net hosts, Bluehost really nails it. They have very clear and concise ways of handling their company and their hosting service and clients have a clear idea of what is happening around. The support service will be always emphasized as impeccable, knowledgeable and friendly. These factors make Bluehost a great host provider to invest your website in.

The multitude of offers and packages for Bluehost also provides a lot of options and opportunities for clients to pick the ones that would be best for their websites and for their business and whatever Bluehost sells, they know. Bluehost is by far one of the best in providing efficient hosting and you will never be disappointed with the quality of support and features for your websites.

WEB HOSTING WITH DREAMHOST is an established net host provider that offers a wide range of hosting services including WordPress hosting. The company was created in 1997. The organizational structure of DreamHost is employee-based. Unlike various net hosts with a more conglomerate or highly structured form, DreamHost enjoys a very light, family-oriented and friendly atmosphere that definitely makes their work a pleasure than a task. When it comes to clients or customers, it is much like family when you go with them. DreamHost is great especially for those who do not have the time for complexities.

Dreamhost Web Hosting, Dreamhost Review, Dreamhost Hosting Review

Their net host packages and benefits are varied and can be tailor fitted to the needs of the clients. The company has its basic facets, from bandwidth, domains and storage. DreamHost also have packages for E-mail management and safety, programming, technical support and upgrade packages for your growing web empire. has a variety of hosting offerings available for your website needs. You can opt for a dedicated hosting, collocation or even VPS. They also handle domain registration and free domains. WordPress hosting is also being offered by the DreamHost.

DreamHost had its own shares of negative and positive reviews. They have had great relationships with customers with regards to their uptime until 2006 when a power outage affected the business and also their sites which of course infuriated customers. Because of this, they made a blog known as “DreamHost Status” to serve as a bulletin regarding the status of the host and all other problems linked to their customers. Veering away from these drawbacks, DreamHost is one of the net hosts included in Inc. Magazine’s top 5000 companies in 2007. Their sensitivity over the environment and lessening their carbon footprints and retaining their high level of service is truly remarkable. In addition, the company also hosts for free some non-profit organizations and charities.

The more you see it, DreamHost, with its various locations around the US performs not only for business sake but also with regards to environmental and social causes. With just these aspects, you can say that the company already has a great rating as a professional host provider. The service of course is highly regarded and hosts over 700,000 websites and counting with 1500 servers.

Its customer based approach is an added value for their hosting services. They consider customer and clients as part of their family. If you are in need of a hosting service and you want to feel at ease with the people you are working with, then is a great net host to give you what you need for your website!


Both DreamHost and Bluehost offer VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated hosting services. Certainly most webmasters are looking for shared hosting plans, but it’s definitely nice to know there are advanced hosting options with the same host.

I used both DreamHost and Bluehost to host several WordPress websites and have been really impressed by the reliability and quality of their servers. While using DreamHost and Bluehost to host my blogs my WordPress sites averaged between 15,000 and 20,000 page views each and every day.

It’s also worth noting that recommends the use of DreamHost or Bluehost for your WordPress blog.

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I really like both these web hosting providers, but I feel that most users join up with Bluehost simply because it’s the most popular. According to Google, Bluehost is searched more than 110,000 times each month, compared with DreamHost and 40,500 times. PC Mag also ranked it the best web hosting service.


500 Internal Server Error Easy Fix Guide

500 Internal Server Error message that could mean anything. Occasionally, your WordPress website only shows a blank page and gives no error whatsoever. Are you designed to determine what is wrong?

500 Internal Server Error, fix 500 Internal Server Error, how to fix 500 Internal Server Error

No need to panic, although it occurs to the very best of us. Here’s my own debug procedure, in order of odds and with options.

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WordPress Plugins

The most likely cause is an incompatible plugin if you have only installed a brand new plugin or in case your website is revealing 500 errors after a heart WordPress upgrade. There are lots of causes for a plugin being “busted”:

  • WordPress could have removed important plugin functions;
  • It may simply be coded wrong, by referring to default database names instead of using prefixes, as an example;

Identifying the plugin is not difficult if you have only installed one and the malfunction has emerged, but how will you disable the plugin if it is taken down the wp-admin area of your website also? You will want FTP access, is the brief response, although the internet-based file manager from Plesk or CPanel will function good also.

500 Internal Server Error Fix

Do not stress, you will not have lost any settings – those are saved in the database, and they should be found by any adequate plugin again upon reactivation. All you need to do is rename the wp-content/plugins/ folder. Place a _ in front of the plugins folder, so it’s named_plugins, and you should now be able to login again to your WordPress admin area.

Rename the folder removing the _. Refresh the WordPress plugins and they will all be recorded but in a deactivated state. You can reactivate them one by one until you locate the perpetrator; then do it all again, clearly leaving out the plugin that is poor this time.

It is unfortunate when this occurs, but chances are there is a better plugin out there that’s not incompatible. Locate it.

Incompatible WordPress Theme

Disabling plugins did not help? Just like plugins, you can drive the active theme simply by renaming it to break. Assess the website again. Obviously, this does not actually help if you are committed to a specific topic, so may need to re-enable it and head down to the section on Empowering PHP Debug; or simply go and locate a newer, compatible topic.

Bad .htaccess

If deactivating your plugins realized nothing and it is also not your motif, it is possible that your .htaccess file became corrupted somehow. Normally when this occurs it is possible to still get the admin region of the website.

Fix Error:

The “.” at the beginning of the filename is a manner of saying “conceal this” in Linux and other UNIX-like systems.

Though any changes you made will be lost, this can automatically create a new working version of the file.

Apple, iOS 9

iOS 9.2.1 Jailbreak: Everything Users Need to Know

After the iOS 9 jailbreak was so killed by Apple and unable to use Google Gravity, iOS 9 users were left with no alternative but to stay on their present firmware and await the following jailbreak. All of us were anticipating a iOS 9.2 jailbreak, as it’s the latest public iOS launch at the moment. However, what if we told you that iOS 9.2.1 has been jailbroken ?

Yes, iOS 9.2.1 is still in the beta stage, but it’s already been jailbroken by a popular iOS hacker. The hacker is @qwertyoruiop, also called Luca Todesco, and he’s posted a screenshot of his iPhone 6 running Cydia on iOS 9.2.1 beta [picture above]. It’s still being debated whether or not the hacker’s claim is authentic. But Luca was credited by Apple lately for pointing out a susceptibility in iOS 9.2, so it’s highly possible that the hacker has succeeded in creating a iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak.

iOS 9.2.1 Jailbreak Release Date

But in the event you believe you will have the ability to jailbreak iOS 9.2 shortly, then you should better stop dreaming. Todesco posted a clarification together with the screenshot, and he said that he is not going to be releasing the jailbreak. In his own words, he said, “no releases“. It appears the hacker needs us to await a jailbreak from another jailbreak team.

But do note that iOS 9.2.1 is still in its beta version, and the public launch isn’t far away. It’s exceedingly possible that Luca Todesco might be thinking of releasing the jailbreak after Apple releases the firmware for the general public. Another chance says the hacker may need to pass on (or sell) the jailbreak exploits to some other team like Pangu or Team in order that they in turn can come up along with a jailbreak tool that’s prepared and fit for use by the standard iOS people.

For people who still doubt the legibility of the iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak screenshot posted by Luca, you should understand that even though Todesco mightn’t be as popular as Pangu or TaiG, he’s still a gifted hacker. The hacker had his hands in the iOS 9 jailbreak released by Pangu. He’d also worked on a iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak, but it was never released in the form of a jailbreak tool, and the hacker posted the source code for it on GitHub.

Hackers like Luca Todesco like to locate the loopholes in the security of iOS, however they don’t prefer to make attempts to convert those exploits into a jailbreak type. So they leave it to the other jailbreak programmers that are experienced in releasing and making the general public jailbreak tools. And in the event you still question Luca Todesco’s iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak, then you should have a look at the screenshot o the iOS 9.2.1 kernel dumps that Luca posted to verify the credibility of his jailbreak.

TaiG, Pangu, and K33n Working on iOS 9.2.1 Jailbreak

As these teams have given a number of the greatest and the most perfect iOS jailbreaks teams Pangu and TaiG are considered the leaders in the iOS jailbreak community. As far as a jailbreak for iOS 9.2.1 is concerned, TaiG CEO Xei Lei had shown trust over TaiG’s ability to jailbreak iOS 9.1 – 9.2 more than 2 months past, which gives us a hint that TaiG is working on the jailbreak. The Pangu team has shown a iOS 9 jailbreak, and Apple has credited Pangu and TaiG for uncovering a leading iOS 9 exploit. Eventually, the reality the K33n (Keen) team has apparently been working in a iOS 9 jailbreak under Pangu’s guidance, which tells us that all the three teams are working towards jailbreaking iOS 9.2 – iOS 9.2.1.

iH8sn0w Jailbroke iOS 9

The iOS jailbreak community got excited when a famous hacker, iH8sn0w, showcased a jailbreak on his iPhone for iOS 9 5. He illustrated custom boot symbols, verbose boot, etc. and established that the jailbreak was real. Nevertheless, it appears like iH8sn0w doesn’t have some intent to release this jailbreak, which might mean the jailbreaker is working on aiOS 9 jailbreak, or perhaps release a iOS 9.2 jailbreak.

iOS 9.2 jailbreak a Million Dollar Bounty

An exploit dealer called Zerodium had offered a million dollars to person or any team who is able to supply them a complete group of iOS 9 jailbreak exploits which is often utilized to make an untethered jailbreak for iOS 9. This enormous prize will certainly accelerate the jailbreak procedure and has really given an excellent encouragement to jailbreak manufacturers. Just few days back they’ve verified they have JailbreakMe like browser established jailbreak exploit as well as a winner was located . However, the jailbreak exploit wo nonpublic yet. We’ve got no word on what they mean to do with the exploit which they basically purchased for $1 million .
Jailbreak for iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.2.1?

As all of US understand, iOS 9.2 has been upgraded to iOS 9.2.1 [now in beta phase]. But, the firmware continues to be not perfect and includes lots of mistakes and bugs. These motives suggest that it’d be better to have a iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak rather than a iOS 9.1 or iOS 9.2 jailbreak, which could result in bugs and might even give Apple a chance to patch the exploits in iOS 9 .

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Thus, we can reason that important jailbreakers are working on iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak and we might get to learn about it shortly.