New Features Makes iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Less Desirable?

Apple has released its first beta for it’s also the first time, and iOS 9.3 that Apple there’s one awesome feature which could create the iOS 9.3 jailbreak unneeded before it’s also released, and has presented the new features visiting the newest edition.

IOS 9.3 is planning to be a major update for iOS 9, putting a small number of new features, along with the estimated number of performance improvements and bug fixes that individuals can expect from nearly any update.

iOS 9.3 can incorporate multi-user help around the iPad, together with create a new app available for students, named Class, which will be aimed toward being an electronic teaching assistant app of forms. It’s not known whether multiuser assistance will only be available to college iPads or not, but we hope it’s open to all, as multi-user service is a large feature required by iPad people.

The new update will also carry passcode support and Touch ID for the Records application, letting you lockup any sensitive information that you jot down. You’ll even be able to kind Records by date, name, etc.

IOS 9.3 also includes changes for the Health app the News app, and Apple Music integration into CarPlay. However, iOS 9.3's greatest characteristic is a function that numerous jailbreakers have been experiencing for many years.

IOS 9.3 will include what Apple is looking Night-Shift, which uses location and your iPhone’s clock to immediately shift the shades of one's exhibit to your warmer tone when it’s night time to be able to create the screen easier around the eyes in darker settings.

Because you can know, that is just about what F.lux it’s possibly one of the largest jailbreak features previously, and does on jailbroken products.

Apple has been recognized to take jailbreak attributes and apply them natively in iOS, which can be brilliant, but F.lux has always missed the list.

F.lux is also available on Windows products and Apples, so if you don’t possess a jailbroken iPhone, you can benefit from the benefits of a warmer-colored screen and acquire a sense for what iOS 9.3’s Night Shift function will need to offer.

You may also remember when F.lux surely could properly side-load without jailbreaking onto iPhones. However, because Apple said that this violated the Developer Program Contract, F.lux was compelled to place an end for this, and we understand that it was because Apple worked on a unique version inhouse.

While many users will say that Apple copied F.lux, but this sort of technology has been with US for a lot longer than F.lux has. It’s safe to mention that F.lux was likely a huge influencer for Apple, even though many die-hard jailbreakers may be upset that Apple is actually pulling off F.lux, it’s a function that will make jailbreakers content.


iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Ready: Here’s All We Know

IOS security specialist, Luca Todesco has both teased a iOS 9.3 and 9.2 beta 1 jailbreak, however for everyone, to date we’ve just observed jailbreaks for approximately iOS 9.0.2. What exactly gives? Is another jailbreak destined to fall are we virtually done for this period or before iOS 10?

As usual, I’ve completed only a little sneaking around to determine what I will find regarding an approaching jailbreak for iOS 9.3 or 9.2. Speaking with Todesco, I had been so I am discussing it along with you and provided a bit of perception.

Stop Upgrading iOS!

To begin with, anybody who values jailbreaks must essentially prevent changing their system. It has been the guideline because the start of jailbreak time. 9.2 is likely to launch within the next week, although for instance, state a jailbreak creator have determined a method to produce a jailbreak for iOS 9.1. The designer will frequently wait to shed the jailbreak to determine when the newer firmware patches it.

Will We Observe 9.3 Jailbreak Launch Or A iOS 9.2?

Okay, so basically you ought to be extremely cynical concerning the chance of a iOS 9.3 or 9.2 jailbreak delivering. Speaking with Todesco, iOS 9.3 and 9.2 are incredibly hard jailbreaks to accomplish and won’t probably create their method to the general public. the probability is small, although I am not saying it is difficult since we have seen crazy stuff happen previously. A iOS 9.1 release is a lot more possible.

Based on Todesco, "iOS 9.1 is fairly simple to jailbreak -- change a particular insect and you simply need to consider Pangu 9."

Just having to change one of these absolutely makes the task easier because jailbreaks need a long-chain of uses.

Ok if 9.3 and iOS 9.2 are not so easy to jailbreak he delivering it, and has Luca were able to do it? Is he cheating? To begin with, he's not just a faker. Todesco has documented numerous bugs to Apple and it is frequently reported on its safety briefs. He performed an intrinsic part within the launch of the very recent jailbreak. The iOS 9.3 and 9.2 jailbreaks are true. ASIS may both of these launch? No.

Now What???

The solution boils down to duty. Todesco is first of all a security researcher. Their attention is to find bugs and supporting the businesses he reports bugs to (specifically Apple) create their programs safer for customers.

Making jailbreaks requires obtaining and piecing together insects or issues in Apple’s system-so you are able to separate the guidelines the organization has set up for your system. That’s fun of course, however it does create your device secure.

Jailbreak designers have historically produced jailbreaks that need physical use of the user and device interaction. But imagine if you've a bug which allows remote use of a tool? Or imagine if the insects are often exploitable by criminals?

They're delivering within their jailbreaks, they might possibly put their customers at excessive danger to get hacked slightly or other nasty things if jailbreak builders don’t consider carefully concerning the insects.

At this time, Todesco has determined his study is unfit for public use.

"It Is regarding the fact the insects themselves could not be safe and there are several uses which are 'jailbreak-quality' yet others that aren't," said Todesco.

While some people within the jailbreak neighborhood feel disappointed once they see jailbreaks teased that they’ll never get on their hands, at the conclusion of your day, the insects discovered fit in with the researcher. When the investigator decides that delivering the insects he/she is keeping wouldn’t be great because they could be used by criminals in bad tactics, then we have to take that.


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iOS 9.2.1 Jailbreak: Everything Users Need to Know

After the iOS 9 jailbreak was so killed by Apple, iOS 9 users were left with no alternative but to stay on their present firmware and await the following jailbreak. All of us were anticipating a iOS 9.2 jailbreak, as it's the latest public iOS launch at the moment. However, what if we told you that iOS 9.2.1 has been jailbroken ?

Yes, iOS 9.2.1 is still in the beta stage, but it's already been jailbroken by a popular iOS hacker. The hacker is @qwertyoruiop, also called Luca Todesco, and he's posted a screenshot of his iPhone 6 running Cydia on iOS 9.2.1 beta [picture above]. It's still being debated whether or not the hacker's claim is authentic. But Luca was credited by Apple lately for pointing out a susceptibility in iOS 9.2, so it's highly possible that the hacker has succeeded in creating a iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak.

iOS 9.2.1 Jailbreak Release Date

But in the event you believe you will have the ability to jailbreak iOS 9.2 shortly, then you should better stop dreaming. Todesco posted a clarification together with the screenshot, and he said that he is not going to be releasing the jailbreak. In his own words, he said, "no releases". It appears the hacker needs us to await a jailbreak from another jailbreak team.

But do note that iOS 9.2.1 is still in its beta version, and the public launch isn't far away. It's exceedingly possible that Luca Todesco might be thinking of releasing the jailbreak after Apple releases the firmware for the general public. Another chance says the hacker may need to pass on (or sell) the jailbreak exploits to some other team like Pangu or Team in order that they in turn can come up along with a jailbreak tool that's prepared and fit for use by the standard iOS people.

For people who still doubt the legibility of the iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak screenshot posted by Luca, you should understand that even though Todesco mightn't be as popular as Pangu or TaiG, he's still a gifted hacker. The hacker had his hands in the iOS 9 jailbreak released by Pangu. He'd also worked on a iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak, but it was never released in the form of a jailbreak tool, and the hacker posted the source code for it on GitHub.

Hackers like Luca Todesco like to locate the loopholes in the security of iOS, however they don't prefer to make attempts to convert those exploits into a jailbreak type. So they leave it to the other jailbreak programmers that are experienced in releasing and making the general public jailbreak tools. And in the event you still question Luca Todesco's iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak, then you should have a look at the screenshot o the iOS 9.2.1 kernel dumps that Luca posted to verify the credibility of his jailbreak.

TaiG, Pangu, and K33n Working on iOS 9.2.1 Jailbreak

As these teams have given a number of the greatest and the most perfect iOS jailbreaks teams Pangu and TaiG are considered the leaders in the iOS jailbreak community. As far as a jailbreak for iOS 9.2.1 is concerned, TaiG CEO Xei Lei had shown trust over TaiG's ability to jailbreak iOS 9.1 - 9.2 more than 2 months past, which gives us a hint that TaiG is working on the jailbreak. The Pangu team has shown a iOS 9 jailbreak, and Apple has credited Pangu and TaiG for uncovering a leading iOS 9 exploit. Eventually, the reality the K33n (Keen) team has apparently been working in a iOS 9 jailbreak under Pangu's guidance, which tells us that all the three teams are working towards jailbreaking iOS 9.2 - iOS 9.2.1.

iH8sn0w Jailbroke iOS 9

The iOS jailbreak community got excited when a famous hacker, iH8sn0w, showcased a jailbreak on his iPhone for iOS 9 5. He illustrated custom boot symbols, verbose boot, etc. and established that the jailbreak was real. Nevertheless, it appears like iH8sn0w doesn't have some intent to release this jailbreak, which might mean the jailbreaker is working on a iOS 9 jailbreak, or perhaps release a iOS 9.2 jailbreak.

iOS 9.2 jailbreak a Million Dollar Bounty

An exploit dealer called Zerodium had offered a million dollars to person or any team who is able to supply them a complete group of iOS 9 jailbreak exploits which is often utilized to make an untethered jailbreak for iOS 9. This enormous prize will certainly accelerate the jailbreak procedure and has really given an excellent encouragement to jailbreak manufacturers. Just few days back they've verified they have JailbreakMe like browser established jailbreak exploit as well as a winner was located . However, the jailbreak exploit wo nonpublic yet. We've got no word on what they mean to do with the exploit which they basically purchased for $1 million .
Jailbreak for iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.2.1?

As all of US understand, iOS 9.2 has been upgraded to iOS 9.2.1 [now in beta phase]. But, the firmware continues to be not perfect and includes lots of mistakes and bugs. These motives suggest that it'd be better to have a iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak rather than a iOS 9.1 or iOS 9.2 jailbreak, which could result in bugs and might even give Apple a chance to patch the exploits in iOS 9 .

Thus, we can reason that important jailbreakers are working on iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak and we might get to learn about it shortly.


500 Internal Server Error Easy Fix Guide

500 Internal Server Error message that could mean anything. Occasionally, your WordPress website only shows a blank page and gives no error whatsoever. Are you designed to determine what is wrong?

No need to panic, although it occurs to the very best of us. Here's my own debug procedure, in order of odds and with options.

WordPress Plugins

The most likely cause is an incompatible plugin if you have only installed a brand new plugin or in case your website is revealing 500 errors after a heart WordPress upgrade. There are lots of causes for a plugin being "busted":

  • WordPress could have removed important plugin functions;
  • It may simply be coded wrong, by referring to default database names instead of using prefixes, as an example;

Identifying the plugin is not difficult if you have only installed one and the malfunction has emerged, but how will you disable the plugin if it is taken down the wp-admin area of your website also? You will want FTP access, is the brief response, although the internet-based file manager from Plesk or CPanel will function good also.

500 Internal Server Error Fix

Do not stress, you will not have lost any settings - those are saved in the database, and they should be found by any adequate plugin again upon reactivation. All you need to do is rename the wp-content/plugins/ folder. Place a _ in front of the plugins folder, so it’s named _plugins, and you should now be able to login again to your WordPress admin area.

Rename the folder removing the _. Refresh the WordPress plugins and they will all be recorded but in a deactivated state. You can reactivate them one by one until you locate the perpetrator; then do it all again, clearly leaving out the plugin that is poor this time.

It is unfortunate when this occurs, but chances are there is a better plugin out there that's not incompatible. Locate it.

Incompatible WordPress Theme

Disabling plugins did not help? Just like plugins, you can drive the active theme simply by renaming it to break. Assess the website again. Obviously, this does not actually help if you are committed to a specific topic, so may need to re-enable it and head down to the section on Empowering PHP Debug; or simply go and locate a newer, compatible topic.

Bad .htaccess

If deactivating your plugins realized nothing and it is also not your motif, it is possible that your .htaccess file became corrupted somehow. Normally when this occurs it is possible to still get the admin region of the website.

Fix Error:

The "." at the beginning of the filename is a manner of saying "conceal this" in Linux and other UNIX-like systems.

Though any changes you made will be lost, this can automatically create a new working version of the file.


Divi 2.5 WordPress Theme Free Download

Divi combines everything a good free WordPress theme must have, but also incorporates much more that not even imagined, as it is a complete framework that can take any Website to another level. ElegantThemes advised us that he will launch a revolutionary WordPress theme, which was really proud, and truth, knowing his work fine and elegant, was expected something so beautiful, powerful, useful, flexible and customizable as Divi, for any type of use without discussion.

Instead of using complicated theme options Divi works with a newly developed page Builder and the so-called modules. Would like to create a page, you can access either the normal editor or if you click on 'Pagebuilder'. Now it has many layout templates as E.g. for an online store or online shop-advanced, sale page, landing page, Blogpage and yet very many more from which you can select. Clicking on one of the layouts, so are the individual modules uploaded instantly and you can then watch this preview. This is a great advantage, not only for beginners, who might not yet know exactly, how a shop, blog, or sale page is correctly rebuilt. Now you can customize these modules to your own needs or may delete, or add new. At Divi definitely are no limits the imagination!

Divi WordPress Theme

Its features?, let's see a few, but the best thing is that you pass the official website...


Divi incorporates an application to mount all kinds of pages without touching a line of code, simply by adding, moving or modifying modules visually.


This topic provides a completely customization experience to mobile devices (responsive). Each block, page or module is completely adaptable to a global mobile experience.


You can drag and drop modules Divi, with elements of any type on any page: animated counters, carousels, forms, banners, everything.

Preconfigured designs

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Divi comes ready to mount your own e-shop, not only for predefined designs, even from home, but for modules compatible with Bulls systems such as WooCommerce or own store. All, of course, adaptable also.

Adjustments to your needs

Of course, Divi has the ePanel, from which to configure your theme in every aspect, even the SEO, so you save even some additional plugin.

Customizable block

Divi is created on the basis of blocks totally adjustable and editable, so you can configure every part of the topic to your liking, since the texts, funds, dynamic elements, all.

Advantages of Using Divi WordPress Theme

  • The pagebuilder with its many one-click layout templates
  • Self-made layouts can be saved and are always available in the layout templates
  • Google fonts are embedded
  • A ColorPicker is the choice of color for fonts, links and background information easy
  • Slider can have arbitrarily many and be installed at any point
  • Many plug-ins that are not included in Standardthemes (E.g. price tables, testimonials, time counter for a forthcoming launch, etc.)
  • Quickly and easily via the backend to install (no FTP needed)
  • Simple video tutorials covering all modules and functions of Divi
  • For beginners very good and intuitive to use, since no cumbersome theme options
  • Very good support
  • Contain no bugs, fixed with Divi all errors of the themes, it runs perfectly

Divi 2.5 WordPress Theme Update

A few days ago ElegantThemes has released version 2.5 of Divi WordPress theme, one of the most versatile and advanced topics that can be found these days, and it has done so with enormous and interesting news, that many integers put him ahead of the competition.

If already Divi offered an experience of fantastic content layout, now with improvements made, becomes the tandem theme + layout designer later, improving even to Visual composer, the layout designer which is almost a standard.

The only handicap of Divi against Visual Composer currently is that latter is installable and adaptable to any theme, but this last bit, as already announced Elegant Themes that soon will be available to the visual layout designer Divi as a separate download for use with any topic in the market.

So, whether you are going to use Divi or not, I think that it is not more that review all the functionalities incorporated, including news from Divi 2.5.

Download Divi 2.5 Theme


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The Magnificent theme is a remarkably flexible, easily configurable and moreover beautiful WordPress magazine theme ready for download for free. News and magazine sites are especially popular, because it easily a lot of information communicate with them. A well functioning theme is the A&Q for a successful Web presence based on a WordPress installation.

Magnificent - Free Professional WordPress Theme for a Modern News Site

With WordPress magazine theme Magnificent even inexperienced users in an instant can an impressive and flexible Magazine Web site, a news blog or even a landing page for events or business develop.


Magnificent WordPress Theme

Magnificent is designed in the single page layout and comes as the four split-premium theme with five prefabricated widget areas and seven different color schemes. As a webmaster, you have opportunity to publish a wide variety of content such as text, pictures, but also audio and video contributions. The theme offers several layout options. So you can enable one or two sidebars and widgets to make according to taste, as well as a clear navigation with drop down menu. Also a four gap, configurable unlimited via widgets, footer includes the features of this comfortable premium WordPress themes by ElegantThemes. Of course, the magazine theme to all major Web browsers is compliant, SEO-friendly and equipped with the necessary language files for localization.

Easy Install and Configuration of the Magnificent Theme

Is ePanel to create an attractive website in the individual layout with the Magnificent, in the backend the ideal tool. Here, you can toggle between the different color schemes. Panel you set in the admin as well, which and how many sidebars will be visible and what widgets are activated and placed. Whenever you add custom widgets such as for last or most read posts, favorite posts, archive or categories in the sidebar or the footer. Just as you can add reader comments or integrate social media buttons.

Conclusion: Magnificent is a sleek WordPress magazine theme with flexible layout options looks. The premium WordPress theme from ElegantThemes suitable both for newbies and old WordPress hares and is a true recommendation for blogger and operators of doodle. Finally, Magnificent offers also the opportunity to make money with a blog. This is a comfortable ad management available which also Panel can be operated via the admin.

Download Magnificent Theme


How to Create or Join a Task Force in Boom Beach

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Hay Day: New Animals, Hot Dog Stand and Pasta Machine for Your Farm

Today, Supercell has released a new update for the farm simulation game Hay Day. With the current version are all hungry farmers among you on the taste.

Supercell (also creator of Boom Beach, Clash of Clans) According to you can produce namely using the pasta machine fresh pasta to cook pasta salads or delicious soups. There are, however, responded with savory delights at the hot dog stand to taste: apart from the vegetarian variant called Tofu-dogs proffers her tasty Corn-dogs.


Fluffy also admiring is available for: you're making acquaintance not only with a beautiful Pincher puppies, also a cute three colored kitten is. Also fresh animations have been missed in all puppies and cat. Continue reading...


Apple Will No Longer Support iPhone 4s in iOS 9?

Since many iPhone 4s units were sold over time and Apple still sells the product, many users are wondering if they can install iOS 9, the latest version of the operating system. Although the iPhone 4s is still on sale to some phone operators and online stores, Apple almost ceased production because the popularity has dropped significantly.

ios 9

Although Apple still sells millions of iPhone 4S terminals in each fiscal quarter, sales are so small that the product does not worth the support for iOS 9. Continue reading...