Working: TaiG Jailbreak for iOS 8.3

The first publicly available jailbreak for iOS 8.3 is here - and he comes back from China. However, the installation is not easy, as a self-experiment shows.

The timing of the publication of the TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.3 works shortly before release of iOS 8.4, which is due to the end of June, a bit inconvenient: The window of the installation could be small. In addition, the installation is how our self-test shows no problems.


First is to say that the installation at your own risk as with all jailbreaks. Because at worst threaten hardware damage. In addition, you should definitely create a complete backup of your iPhone or iPad. Should something go wrong, then can restore the data.

Jailbreak in one click

TaiG 2.0.0 can be exploited on all iOS 8.3 enabled devices will be installed under Windows. The download is available here. Then check which version of iTunes is installed. Do this, press the Alt key, click on the menu on the question mark, and then click Info. In the first line the program version appears. With the current version 12.1.2 However, there were problems; It is therefore recommended that the older version to look at Google and install manually. On the iOS device to iOS 8.3 has been found.

If all goes well, it concerns with TaiG 2.0.0 to a one-click jailbreak. For this, the iPhone is connected to the computer, ended iTunes and started TaiG. The ZIP folder does not completely unpack it, it puts everything important in a file. Then, the process goes through and you get a device on which Jailbreak including Cydia exist.

Cydia can help

But it can also lead to problems. So TaiG will sometimes stand at 20 percent, the iPhone is continuously rebooting - it hangs in a so-called boot loop. Exactly this problem occurred in our experiment. We could solve it by installing an older version of iTunes. According to rumors, the problem is due to the 64-bit version of iTunes, the alternative 32-bit version to read our Windows 8 computer but not install. Accordingly, it makes sense to iTunes (see above) to use.

Another problem also has to do with iTunes: TaiG asserts that Apple's drivers are not installed. Here helps only a complete un-install of iTunes including all Apple system components and reinstall.

Standard Jailbreak Procedure

Does it elsewhere errors, help the usual measures, which should be carried out in any case, prior to installation. So you have to "Find My iPhone" switch off, turn off the passcode lock and the PIN code request. The support WLAN also must not be activated.

Currently the jailbreak still suffers from the fact that Cydia substrates (formerly MobileSubstrate) has not yet been ported to iOS 8.3 - and in exactly this framework is a major part of the jailbreak apps. At an adaptation of the framework, however, worked diligently. This issue should be in the next few days by itself.

[Update 06/25/15 15:06 clock:] Cydia is now in an updated version before that supports iOS 8.3 [/ Update].


Jailbreaks are no small measure. Who chooses to unlock his device, should consider that he thus potentially fetches attack surfaces in the house. So Apple warns even long before appropriate modifications - and in no uncertain terms: "An unauthorized change of iOS can lead to security vulnerabilities, instability, shortened battery life and other problems," it says on the Apple Support. In addition, the manufacturer can reject the warranty.

Accordingly it is recommended that jailbreaks not carry on production equipment - but best to use iOS hardware, which if not functional you can not bear, if necessary. In addition, one should not possible to use jailbreak devices with its main Apple ID, but best to create a separate account for this purpose.

It is also not what lies in TaiG Code. Sources do not publish the Chinese Jailbreaker - accordingly applies here: use at your own risk. The jailbreak team had previously noticed already by a controversial alternative app store.


Hay Day: New Animals, Hot Dog Stand and Pasta Machine for Your Farm

Today, Supercell has released a new update for the farm simulation game Hay Day. With the current version are all hungry farmers among you on the taste.

Supercell (also creator of Boom Beach, Clash of Clans) According to you can produce namely using the pasta machine fresh pasta to cook pasta salads or delicious soups. There are, however, responded with savory delights at the hot dog stand to taste: apart from the vegetarian variant called Tofu-dogs proffers her tasty Corn-dogs.


Fluffy also admiring is available for: you're making acquaintance not only with a beautiful Pincher puppies, also a cute three colored kitten is. Also fresh animations have been missed in all puppies and cat.

The new changes in terms of Derby can be summarized as follows: all trophies that her bags, are displayed on the community page. On the Derby task list, however, you can see all completed, expired or deleted items in a map. Also important to know: in the future you put a 24-hour break after each race, during which her attention your Derby preparations, changes, and more.

There is good news also for advanced players: the place is so slow in Hay Day (, you now have the opportunity to expand your farm up on the other side of the road.

The new version of Hay Day can even take closer look at her now. Both app store and the Google play store is the update to the download available.


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ios 9

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Apple Watch Subjected to Extreme Tests

Since its launch, Apple Watch has been subjected to the most bizarre tests made by users. The toughest were the ones made by Richard Ryan, also on YouTube under the name "FullMag".

In the first test, Ryan sinks the device in a container with liquid nitrogen and then hit it with a hammer. The question that arises after such tests is not necessarily whether the device has withstood torture but also how much has been destroyed.

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Fix a Sticky Apple Watch, Wash it with Water Under the Faucet

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Apple Watch Under the Faucet

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Smartwatch in Spotlight: Galaxy Gear S vs iWatch

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