Apple Will No Longer Support iPhone 4s in iOS 9?

Since many iPhone 4s units were sold over time and Apple still sells the product, many users are wondering if they can install iOS 9, the latest version of the operating system. Although the iPhone 4s is still on sale to some phone operators and online stores, Apple almost ceased production because the popularity has dropped significantly.

ios 9

Although Apple still sells millions of iPhone 4S terminals in each fiscal quarter, sales are so small that the product does not worth the support for iOS 9. Continue reading...


Apple Watch Subjected to Extreme Tests

Since its launch, Apple Watch has been subjected to the most bizarre tests made by users. The toughest were the ones made by Richard Ryan, also on YouTube under the name "FullMag".

In the first test, Ryan sinks the device in a container with liquid nitrogen and then hit it with a hammer. The question that arises after such tests is not necessarily whether the device has withstood torture but also how much has been destroyed.

Continue reading...


Fix a Sticky Apple Watch, Wash it with Water Under the Faucet

The latest Apple Watch issues reported by users are quiet varied but the solutions offered by Apple are sometimes extremely bizarre. The last bug discovered refers to the digital side wheel. Many owners have posted on forums that it rotates very slowly or even get stuck after a certain time.

Apple Watch Under the Faucet

Apple Watch users speculated a possible cause for this problem: sweat, getting inside the mechanism and some crystallized particles that can block movement. However, there are more symptoms to this issue coming from people who do sports regularly and not used the watch during the time of exercise. Continue reading...


Web Hosting Shootout: DreamHost Vs Bluehost

How does one choose between DreamHost and Bluehost? Creating a new website can be very exciting, right up until you have to choose the right web hosting provider. Just try doing a search for web hosting! It will generate heaps of hosting providers, all promising that they're the best fit for you. How can this be possible? It's just a tactic that's widely used in the online world of marketing, and not just for web hosting.

In this article we'll provide a detailed comparison between DreamHost and Bluehost. Because I have actually used both providers I believe my comparison will be an honest and fair one. Continue reading...


Smartwatch in Spotlight: Galaxy Gear S vs iWatch

Apple and Samsung are certainly great rivals when it comes to Smartphones (and perhaps with Tablets as well). One wonders if this rivalry will continue with the increasing interest in Smart Watches? It should be interesting, because these are two entirely different approaches to Smart Watches.

Now that Apple's Watch has finally been released, we've already discovered a couple of details about the touch screen device. Apple advises that their new Watch needs an iPhone to be completely functional: this can be any model at all from the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus. Continue reading...