How to Root Android and Install Non-Market Apps

If what you really want is to have the latest build or running non-market Apps on your Android device then you need to consider rooting or "jailbreak". And we're going to show you how to do it.

If you've had an Android phone or tablet for a while now, or you know someone who has and they're right into technology, then you've more than likely heard about 'rooting' your device. Basically, rooting your Android gives you access to everything on your device; thus allowing you to optimize performance, modify the software, and delete all the 'bloatware' that's not wanted.

Of course the greatest advantage of rooting is that you can now install the newest build of Android on your terminal. As an example, let's say you have a Galaxy S3 phone and you've just heard that Samsung isn't going to update it to KitKat OS. But it doesn't matter if you root your Android because very soon there will be a KitKat ROM to flash onto your device. Continue reading...


Responsive vs Mobile Theme for WordPress Powered Sites

It used to be that a WordPress theme was designed for one specific resolution, with that resolution being the standard for most purposes. Today however, more people are using their tablets and smartphones to view web content. A smart and up-to-date website will have their content displayed to suit any type of device and any size screen. Designing templates in this way is known as “Responsive Theme Design”.

Responsive design is a huge leap forward in the web design business, affecting both WordPress development and designing for the internet. The continuous rise in popularity of smart devices such as phones, tablets and so on has resulted in a huge demand for websites that can be viewed on small screens. Continue reading...


Tethered vs Untethered Jailbreak: What’s the Difference?

There are many, many different jailbreak methods that are available online. These jailbreaks are divided into two types of jailbreaking procedures. The first type of procedure that can be used to jailbreak an iPhone is the tethered jailbreak whereas the second type of procedure that can be used to jailbreak an iPhone is the untethered procedure. The following is a description of both of these types of jailbreaking procedures:

Tethered Jailbreak

A device entails a tethered jailbreak has to be connected into a computer while booting up. This is to ensure that the jailbreaking program, such as redsn0w can aid the device boot up process. It’s known as a "tethered" jailbreak because your device has to be linked to a computer to boot up correctly. Tethered jailbreak is annoying and unsatisfying because they involve a computer connection to boot a jail-broken iOS tool. The notion of a tethered jailbreak has been exercised for a while, but basically it means that each and every time your iPhone or iPod touch battery croaks i.e. reboots, you have to tether or connect your iOS device with a computer. This allows the hardware to boot with the assistance of the jailbreak application tool. Continue reading...


Web Hosting Shootout: DreamHost Vs Bluehost

How does one choose between DreamHost and Bluehost? Creating a new website can be very exciting, right up until you have to choose the right web hosting provider. Just try doing a search for web hosting! It will generate heaps of hosting providers, all promising that they're the best fit for you. How can this be possible? It's just a tactic that's widely used in the online world of marketing, and not just for web hosting.

In this article we'll provide a detailed comparison between DreamHost and Bluehost. Because I have actually used both providers I believe my comparison will be an honest and fair one. Continue reading...


Smartwatch in Spotlight: Galaxy Gear S vs iWatch

Apple and Samsung are certainly great rivals when it comes to Smartphones (and perhaps with Tablets as well). One wonders if this rivalry will continue with the increasing interest in Smart Watches? It should be interesting, because these are two entirely different approaches to Smart Watches.

Now that Apple's Watch has finally been released, we've already discovered a couple of details about the touch screen device. Apple advises that their new Watch needs an iPhone to be completely functional: this can be any model at all from the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus. Continue reading...